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Philani Community Development Programme is a Non-profit Organisation that operates at 52 Hilma Road, Nufcor Zuurbekom Agricultural Holdings in the West Rand 65km from Johannesburg City Centre and 15 km from Westonaria CBD. The Centre has 18 classrooms which are utilized to develop various community projects since 2001. The founder of Philani, Phyllis Malope with wealth of experience as an educationist saw the plight of Zuurbekom children in a desolate rural area far from all the amenities of modernization. The The illiteracy and poverty was no shame in the surrounding mines. As a result most women became victims of HIV pandemic whilst the children suffered as orphans. In her vision she was joined by her co-founder Anibal Mondlane with his technical skills to implement this dream to develop the youth within the community. This call was followed by the journey of humble beginnings with no resources to pursue it.

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